1900s vintage 1970s retro Abstract Activewear Animals Arts craft Birds Blurs
Border Bouquet Bush Camouflage Checks Conversational Ditsy floral Dots
Drawn style Eastern Electricity Ethnic Floral Geometric Giftware Hand marks
Home-interiors Ikat Insects Kids wear Mens wear Monotone Mosaic Nature
Painterly style Paisleys Patchworks Placement Plaid Pop art Print noprint S: F/Winter
S: Holiday S: Resort S: S/Summer S: Transition Skins Scarf style Streetwear Stripes
Swimwear Texture Traditional Tribal Tropical Under world Wall art decor Womenswear



Frequently Asked Qestions

1. What is AtelierBrush?

AtelierBrush is the first of its kind in the fashion print pattern industry, offering a membership-based service that provides full fashion print pattern library in its entirety, all online for instant download.

2. What is a different between Free membership and Pro membership?

All members initially become Free member as they register for their membership. Free member has some limitations to explore the designs while searching process. Free member allows seeing 275 px x 275 px designs.

Pro membership can be upgraded from Free membership. Pro member is able to see all print designs without limitations, its scale and instant download.

3. You have Bronze, Silver and Gold pro membership. What are these?

We do have 3 types of pro membership, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Since AtelierBrush has been a place for offering the original textile designs to industry professionals and hundreds of new designs are updated every week, all pro membership has its own duration to search and download.

Bronze pro membership – 3 month membership with 6 Brush Points.
Silver pro membership – 6 month membership with 12 Brush Points.
Gold pro membership – 12 month membership with 30 Brush Points.

4. What is Brush Point?

Brush Point is a kind of currency in the site. With Brush Point, you are able to instant download the original print design. Also you can ask us print repeat service of specific print design which does not have repeat in it, all your inquire will be completed by our design team with your Brush Point via Project Station.

5. Can I use AtelierBrush design on physical products for resale such as on T-Shirt, swimwear, accessories, bag, scarf, cushion, dress, mug, etc...

Yes. design purchase (instant download) allow use on physical products for resale up to 1,000 units / quantity / yards.

6. What if I want a design for my product only? Do you offer a design exclusive or buyout service?

Yes. We offer a Exclusive License Service. Exclusive License allows using the design only for you and your company or brand. As you buyout the Exclusive License, the design is instantly removed from the site and allows you to tailor it Unlimited Reproduction.

7. My pro membership is expired but my Brush Point is still remained. Is the remaining Brush Point refundable?

No, all Brush Point is not refundable. The unused Brush Point will be remained in your profile unless you delete your profile. In order to use any remaining Brush Point while your membership is expired, you must re-subscribe for Pro member.

8. How can I ask for a print repeat services?

We have a repeat service center, ‘Project Station’. Through Project Station you can easily inquiry all your design repeat services. Our design team will efficiently reply all your inquiry.

9. What is a turnaround time for design repeat service?

It is about 2 ~ 3 days.

10. What kinds of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card by direct PayPal secure gateway. We do not keep any of customers secure information in our site.

11. What file type will I receive?

You will receive a Zip file. All files are high resolution JPG or TIF in Zip. You can instantly download it.

12. Can I refund the design that I downloaded?

No. All instant downloadable designs are not refundable.

13. If I have more questions, where should I ask?

Any questions, you can ask to Contact Us. All questions will be responded in 6 hrs.