1900s vintage 1970s retro Abstract Activewear Animals Arts craft Birds Blurs
Border Bouquet Bush Camouflage Checks Conversational Ditsy floral Dots
Drawn style Eastern Electricity Ethnic Floral Geometric Giftware Hand marks
Home-interiors Ikat Insects Kids wear Mens wear Monotone Mosaic Nature
Painterly style Paisleys Patchworks Placement Plaid Pop art Print noprint S: F/Winter
S: Holiday S: Resort S: S/Summer S: Transition Skins Scarf style Streetwear Stripes
Swimwear Texture Traditional Tribal Tropical Under world Wall art decor Womenswear

Sell your designs

Sell your designs

AtelierBrush.com supports the mission to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use online textile print resource, which aims to provide an unparalleled print collection combined with the ease of technologically advanced services to our professional members in fashion & home decor related industries.

We offer fashion print designer / textile artist job in various positions. You, as a fashion print designer / textile artist, can be a part of our team. We are always looking for highly skilled fashion print designers / textile artists in every season.

textile designer wanted

Please send us email for more information about print designer / textile artist job or sell your designs.

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